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Sofia Trio was born (Summer 2015) in response to the need to integrate different styles of composition as it combines the influences of the contemporary jazz scene.
The idea started with the guitarist Mario Meloni and the drummer Luca Deriu but became a real project with the meeting of the bassist Fabrizio Fogagnolo from Milan.

The three musicians offer a completely original repertoire that expresses the interaction between styles and colorful cultures of European and Afro-American jazz sound with contemporary music influences. An important feature of the project is the continuous search for a balance between composition and improvisation. In the repertoire live both songs with the classic structure AABA, with large improvised spaces, and songs based on several themes with some solo episodes inserted among them, as well as tracks where there is no improvisation but only an interpretation of the score.

The search for a common thread between music “premeditated” and “improvised” becomes the proper style of the Sofia trio.

Sofia, from the ancient greek σοφία (sophia), means wisdom, a human characteristic fed by the knowledge that, as Stefano Zenni writes, “rises from the migration: human beings, adapting themselves to any ecosystem, begin to move to increase their knowledge. In this way we transfer cultures, languages, goods. And, mixing ourselves with the inhabitants of different parts of the planet, we produce new life styles that are always porous and vital”. A concept that belongs to the origin of jazz: a porous and vital music that evolves thanks to the mixture of styles and the musical trends that are always changing. The creative process of the Sofia Trio is inspired by and identifies itself with this concept.

Sofia Trio’s first performances are in Sardinian Jazz Clubs such as Vinvoglio jazz club Cagliari, ExMe Nobel 26 Nuoro, Abetone music Bar, Library Dessì Sassari and many others.
In 2016/2017 the Sofia Trio participates in many festivals such as MusiculturaWorldFestival in Olbia, Rassegna “Be Happy” in Siniscola, Estate Oranese in Orani, the Jazz Festival “Seui in musica” and the International Music Festival “Musica sulle bocche” in S.Teresa di Gallura.
In the summer of 2017 their first CD “Sofia” is published by Dodicilune with a special guest, the guitarist Battista Giordano.
In 2018 and 2019 they continue playing in clubs (L’Ultimo Spettacolo in Sassari, Sas Animas Pane e Vino in Orosei  and others) and festivals such as Cala Gonone jazz, Jazz Event III Macomer and Museo Nivola of Orani with another special guest, the saxophonist Javier Girotto.

Production and Collaboration

Sofia trio worked with Dodicilune label on the production of a CD (http://www.dodiciluneshop.it/dettagli.asp?idp=234) , already recorded in August at the Casagliana Studio Recording of Raffaele Musio in Olbia.
The “Sofia” album has got an important collaboration with the composer and musician Battista Giordano and in July 2018 Sofia trio plays his music with a special guest Javier Girotto (http://www.museonivola.it/mostre-e-eventi/sofia-trio-guest-javier-girotto-in-concerto-al-museo-nivola/)

On July 31, 2020 Sofia trio release Barà Sanja, first track remotely recorded during the COVID-19 emergency by Sofia trio. It was composed by Luca Deriu who wanted to pay homage to the two traditional rhythms of Mali that give the piece its name, “Barà” and “Sanja”. The trio synthesizes various artistic concepts in this song in line with its eclectic approach to music and Barà Sanja aims to recall the fusion-jazz-rock sounds of the 70s and 80s and to enrich them with more contemporary contemporary jazz solutions.
Barà Sanja links: https://hypeddit.com/track/3jz42u or http://sofiatrio.bandcamp.com/track/bar-sanja

About us/Credits:

Maestro Battista Giordano says: “an interesting album, full of ideas, great compositions and music”.

Paolo Fresu, who in the past contributed to the music education of the three musicians, says: “A mature work, well conceived and well played. A good album”.

In the ​​insert “Alias” of the “Manifesto”, Guido Festinese writes: “noble stateless approach” of the “remarkable” Sofia trio […] lithe rhythmic, a restless and expressive guitar […] there is Europe, Africa and America”. http://www.dodicilune.it/recensioni/ED372_ED375_ED381_ALIAS.png

The portal “Strategie Oblique” by Roberto Paviglianiti says: “[the jazz trio] with electric guitar moves its expressive barycentre from pensive, almost contemplative situations, to others where the electric soul emerges and determines its main characteristic”. http://strategieoblique.blogspot.it/2017/09/sofia-trio-sofia-dodicilune-2017.html#links

The “Diapason” of Alessandro Nobis writes:
“Despite this is the debut work I can say that it is already a mature work and if on one side it shows that the lesson of the great masters has been absorbed by the other shows an excellent compositional ability”. http://strategieoblique.blogspot.it/2017/09/sofia-trio-sofia-dodicilune-2017.html#links

Simone Bardazzi in the journal “Audiophilesound” writes: “The Sofia Trio […] have a rare characteristic of being a very synergic trio, capable to make the difference in the mélange style that they are able to offer, thanks to a really remarkable harmony. An exciting interplay that makes this debut album flowing and exciting […]”. https://www.dodicilune.it/recensioni/ED381_AUDIOPHILESOUND.jpg

Stefano DenticeStumenti & Musica Magazine – writes: “A savory miscellany including Mediterranean echoes and obvious references to contemporary jazz, all adorned with various harmonious solutions of excellent workmanship. […] The relentless riff of Deriu’s Illusion (Luca Deriu) immediately infects, from the very first bars. The speech woven by Meloni is magnetic, material, weighted with acumen. Bootstrap (Mario Meloni) is a very energetic composition. The guitarist gives life to a rich, never oleographic expression, sustained by the always precise comping chiseled by Deriu. The climax of Pino Pino (Luca Deriu) is particularly bizarre and intriguing. The effective solo of Meloni is enriched from a bluesy mood, as well as enjoyable harmonic fineness. Fogagnolo architects an improvisational speech dense with expressive grit. Sofia is an engaging, polychromatic album from the stylistic point of view, in which the protagonists emit a communicative warmth that is immediately perceived.” http://www.strumentiemusica.com/notizie/le-recensioni-di-sm-sofia-sofia -trio/

Chris Spector, editor and publisher from Midwest Record (USA):
“A improvising trio that’s looking to sell you on their telepathy rather than their pyrotechnics comes in with something that feels linear and thought out with loads of influences proudly on display when you least expect some of them. Stopping well short of being eggheaded and pedant, this bunch likes to swing and feel free spreading the gospel of that. Delightful stuff that takes you somewhere else, this is solid change of pace”. http://www.midwestrecord.com/MWR1317.html

Preston Frazier from Something Else Reviews (USA): “Deriu’s Illusion,” the opening song, captures with the sounds of guitarist Mario Meloni’s melodic touches, and the African-meets-European touches of drummer Luca Deriu. Double bassist Fabrizio Fogagnolo quickens the pace and the listener is quickly taken down a fascinating rabbit hole of great jazz. The trio, whose name is derived from the Greek term Sophia – meaning wisdom – infuse a healthy dose of contemporary jazz elements, European flair and African passion. The result is inspired playing, fascinating original compositions like “Pino Pino” and the title song. There’s an enthusiasm which is embedded in the entire album. Sofia Trio’s Sofia is one of my Top 3 jazz albums so far this year. http://somethingelsereviews.com/2018/03/05/zig-zag-power-trio-aaron-comess-five-for-the-road/

Geaorge W.HarrisJazzweekly – (USA): The Sofia Trio brings Mario Meloni/g, Fabrizio Fogagnolo /b and Luca Deriu/dr together for some deep grooves. Meloni has a modern tensile sound, not unlike John Scofield, getting lyrical on the rivulet of “Deriu’s Illusion” and the funky back beat of “Pino Pino.” The strings get sinewy with Deriu’s brushes on the laconic “Nake’” and create a soft bed of roses for “Solu Deo.” Some delightful understated moments come with the exotic Bootstrap” and creating modern impressions with acoustic guitar on the lovely “Sulle Rive Del Trasimeno” with guest guitarist Battista Giordano. Umbrian sunsets. https://www.jazzweekly.com/2018/04/italian-artcecilia-sanchietti-la-terza-via-vito-liturri-trio-from-beyond-sofia-trio-sofia/

Thierry GiardCulture Jazz (FRA): “À nouveau une formation transalpine. Ce Sofia Trio ne manque pas de qualités, en particulier la complémentarité des musiciens qui apportent chacun leur touche (couleurs, souplesse des rythmes, travail sur les timbres). Une impression positive!” http://www.culturejazz.fr/spip.php?article3267#56

More reviews: http://www.dodiciluneshop.it/dettagli.asp?sid=35549978920180510121846&idp=234&categoria=

Barà Sanja, first track remotely recorded during the COVID-19 emergency by Sofia trio. It was composed by Luca Deriu who wanted to pay homage to the two traditional rhythms of Mali that give the piece its name, “Barà” and “Sanja”. The trio synthesizes various artistic concepts in this song in line with its eclectic approach to music and Barà Sanja aims to recall the fusion-jazz-rock sounds of the 70s and 80s and to enrich them with more contemporary jazz solutions.